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Located 15 Kms away from Yercaud's 'Big Lake', The Plantation Camp is among one of Yercaud's finest and most fertile estates. Here, coffee is the main crop grown alongside Oranges, Pepper, Cardamom, Macadamia and Jackfruit. The estate is also home to many varieties of birds, animals and insects. 

Wake up to the sounds of birds, enjoy the local food that is grown originally and spend your day exploring the many aspects of estate life. At 'The Plantation Camp' the possibilities are definitely endless! Your package includes All Meals, Tea / Coffee twice a day, Stay in Family Cottages, Complimentary Activities (Boating, Fishing in a private lake, Trekking and a Campfire) and all Taxes.

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At The Plantation Camp, Yercaud, we offer the magical experience of getting up close and personal with nature. As you drive through the many quiet paths of Yercaud that lead up to this beautiful estate, you can't help but forget about your life at the 'concrete jungle' and look forward to a quiet and peaceful getaway filled with Mother Nature's best.

The Plantation Camp, Yercaud, can now accommodate a maximum of 30 guests comfortably in 2 adjoining dormitories in bunk beds. The bunk beds allow the dorms to remain spacious and comfortable.  

The Plantation Camp is a great place for students, social groups, or young adults to stay and take in an enjoyable experience.


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