Rules and regulations
1. All waste to be disposed off only in the designated disposable bins.
2. Please do not use or bring Plastic bags of any kind.
3. Bison Alert! For your own safety do not wander alone into the Plantation. Keep to the designated area.
4. Avoid eating any wild berries / leaves from any plants as they may be poisonous.
5. Fire Hazard! Strictly no matchsticks, Sparklers or Fireworks as they may cause a forest fire. Camp fire will be put out at 11:00 PM.
6. Preserve the Plantation! Do not cut, uproot or destroy any plants or trees and do not pluck or harvest any of the plantation crops.
7. Do not throw away waste food on the ground as it may attract animals.
8. Please help keep the toilets and wash area clean.
9. Save Water: Use minimal water and ensure all taps are closed.
10. Heaven's Ledge Camp is situated near the Paliparai cliff. There is a sheer drop of 400 Mts, kindly avoid going to the edge.
11. Usage of Cooking equipment, Heaters, Iron box and any other electrical appliance is strictly prohibited.
12. Kindly refrain from having your meals in the bedrooms.
13. Kindly avoid damaging the furniture or the property.